The country and its surroundings

The region

Paroldo is a small town in the Alta Langa region, which is inhabited by 250 people. The surrounding ‘Magical Circle’ protect it from the winds.

In the historic center you’ll find picturesque stone houses and paths, and you can still experience the ancient feel of a country village.

Paroldo is a village in the pristine area of the Langa, a town that is still intact and sourrounded by a breathtaking landscape: the Maritime Alps, 650 meters above sea level.

Proximity to the sea and the mountain

Paroldo is situated about half an hour from the sea of the Ligurian Riviera. Here you can find Spotorno, Bergeggi, Finale Ligure, Varigotti, Borgio Verezzi, Savona, Albissola, Celle Ligure Varazze. In addition, you can visit the many castles the Langhe has to offer.

Among the medicinal herbs, you can find lavender and the colorful vineyards with the ancient villages, where you can try excellent products in amazing restaurants. We are located in the Langhe lands of the Alba truffle, great wines, Dolcetto, Barolo, etc. but also 50 km from the ski resorts of Prato Nevoso, Artesina and Frabosa, 30 km from Viola San Greé and from San Giacomo di Roburent. The delightful water of the Acqui, Valdieri and Lurisia spas are only an hour away by car.

Why Paroldo

My husband and I were with a group of friends and we came across the famous L’estate di San Martino, an event in Paroldo. I breathed in the ancient air, listened to the music of the storytellers, smelled roasted chestnuts, stumbled upon the exposition of the ancient crafts in the old center, met men with cloaks who were strolling through the village talking to each other and could see images and shadows cast on the old walls that gave a sense of warm celebration! Groups of people danced on popular music and others performed theater scripts. I felt excited like a child; a group of women who are considered experts in making ’Bagna Caoda’, cooked this dish which was offered in the town’s taverns. We were welcomed in someone’s house and I tried that delicacy myself. Here, that night, I felt and dreamed that this could be the country where I wanted to live!


We decided to build our farmhouse in a ecofriendly way, using Langa stones, wood, and ancient tiles made with local clay. The resulting climate provides warmth in the winter and offers shelter during the very hot summers, guaranteed by a geothermal system.

Our farmhouse is often visited by singing birds that come and go on the centenary oak in our garden.

Here you can walk along paths, ride a bike, read and unwind in our sunny garden, surrounded by the hills.

Local catering

In Paroldo you can have lunch at the well-known ‘Trattoria Salvetti’ and the Farmhouse ‘Cascina Raflazz’ where the excellent Murazzano PDO cheese is produced and sold. Here you can walk, ride a bike, read and unwind in our sunny garden, surrounded by the hills in a round.


We are located in the midst of the wonderful hills enclosed by a sense of ancient tastes from slow times …

Sharing with our guests is essential for us. We do our best to listen to their travel needs, we are open to suggestions on places to visit and restaurants to try, and the facilities and possibilities of our bed and breakfast.

We can accommodate different meals, including with regards to food allergies, and offer the choice between sweet and savory breakfasts.